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Do YOU Really Want to
"LOSE" Weight?
Why Lose Weight,
Just to Gain it Back Again?

Wouldn't it be better to REDUCE



Check out the Products and see which Ones will be the BEST to help YOU Achieve YOUR Weight and Fitness Goals.

6 Pack CD + 2 Bonuses
6 CD weight loss / reduction Hypnosis CD program
Hypnosis for Weight Reduction Program








6 CD Hypnosis for Weight Special
+ 2 FREE Bonuses! 
Only  $97.77

Here's what You receive:

* WEIGHT REDUCTION -- Closing the
      Doors on Chocolates and Sweets
      Obstacles on the Beach
      Message in the Sand
      Choices Cruise Ship
      Motivation, the Enchanted Forest
+ BONUS FREE CD          -- Just Relax
      / Stress Reduction
+ BONUS FREE CD          -- Stress
          Reduction, the Beach

3 Pack + Bonus CD Program
3 CD Weight loss / reduction Hypnosis program
Hypnosis for Weight Reduction

3 CD Hypnosis for Weight Special "A" + Bonus 
Only $57.77

Here's what You Receive:

          Removing Obstacles, the Beach
          Secret Message in the Sand
          Healthy Choices Cruise Ship
+ BONUS FREE CD         --
          Just Relax / Stress Reduction .

3 Pack CD + Bonus
3 CD weight loss / reduction Hypnosis program
Hypnosis for Weight Program

3 CD Hypnosis for Weight Special "B" + Bonus
Only $57.77

Here's what You receive:
          Closing the Doors on
          The Zoo
          Exercise Motivation, 
          the Enchanted Forest
+ BONUS FREE CD        --
          Just Relax / Stress Reduction.

Why do Hypnosis Weight Audio Programs work so well? 

Because they help You reduce stress and help You CHANGE the habits associated with being overweight.

WHY don't diets and other "Weight Loss Programs" work long term? Because they are temporary changes and they don't really change Your HABITS.  When You "lose" the weight, You go back to Your old habits again and again and again.

Isn't it finally time You did - not tried - BUT DID, something that will work long term for You? That will help You get the weight off and keep it off?  Long term?

Why do YOU want to reduce YOUR weight?
Look Better
Feel Better
Be Healthier
Be Able to Fit into those Smaller Clothes in the back of the closet
Like what You see in the Mirror
Get "the Look" from others again
Have more Energy
and then You have Your own private reasons as well


Using Self Hypnosis CDs is Natural, Safe, Effective, and AFFORDABLE!  Why does Hypnosis work so well? Because it helps YOU REDUCE Your stress and helps You CHANGE the habits associated with being overweight. Isn't it finally time YOU DID - not tried - but did, something that WILL WORK long term for You, that will help You get the weight off and keep it off?



Why do so many people keep going down "Weight Loss Lane" over and over?

It only circles right back to the weight they wanted to get rid of - because they "FIND" it again!

That’s why I don’t work with WEIGHT LOSS CLIENTS in my private practice! Why I hope You don’t want to LOSE WEIGHT! Unless of course You want to gain the weight back. Which I’m betting You don’t want to do!

How about instead, You use these Hypnosis Weight Audio programs to REDUCE, GET RID OF, DISCARD, REMOVE (or whatever term You want to use) that extra weight. Because the SubConscious mind will then understand You really want to do this!

Now how about DIETS and other WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAMS?

Why don’t they work long term? Because they are temporary actions You take, and You resent it. Your SubConscious mind resents it and even Your conscious mind resents it.

And they’re just too HARD to do!

These are REAL Testimonials from REAL people!  People just like YOU!

“I’m in control. No over eating now. I’m moving around more in the pool. I’m sleeping better, and that had been a problem for me. I reduced by 13 pounds in only six weeks!” -- Shirley Johnson

"At first, it just seemed too easy. But it's been a little more than a year, and I wanted to say thanks! With your help, I got rid of 120 pounds of excess fat! You'll never know how much better I feel. Thanks again! -- Tim Sheffield

"I didn't 'lose' any weight, but I did 'reduce' my weight by 55 pounds in right at six months - just in time for my 20 year high school reunion." Mary Eggles -- nurse

"My clothes are already looser. I also stopped smoking, even though I was working with weight reduction!” -- Deloris Jones

“I feel really good! My clothes are already beginning to fit looser! I have more energy! My face is less puffy. I’m drinking more water. I have less stress and I’m not as hungry.” -- Sally Blue

"I stayed with the program - and now I can't believe it when I look in the mirror -- those 30 pounds of extra fat are gone! And my husband says to tell you thanks too!" Patsy Jennings

“I fell well rested, have more energy, already noticing reduction in my face! I’m drinking lots more water. I’m more happy with myself. I’ve been keeping a record of my eating habits and I’m getting better. I’m sleeping better. I’m very energized! My skin is not as tight.” -- Jannette Babb

“I’m starting to get control. I’m exercising more and eating less. I’m more relaxed in my daily life. I’ve noticed that I tend to stop eating when I’m full. I’ve reduced by 4 lbs in one week!” -- Tracey Harris

"Not drinking as many cokes.  I am not looking for the 2 – 4 pounds I have dropped.    Drinking more water.  Sleeping better" -- Janine Robinson

"Steadily improving on food changes.  Aware of healthier choices.  I have had late dinners only 4 nights out of 14.  I’ve improved and will continue to improve until I have met my goal."  -- Tim Robinson

"More confidence. And taking more care of myself.  Exercising more!!  Healthy decisions.  More relaxed."  -- Kimberly Halpin

"Better self esteem.  Being more positive.  Cut portions of food.   Watching food intake.  My scales are broken – they say I’ve reduced by 8 lbs!!  Easier to fall asleep."  -- Jean Graham

"Able to maintain my focus of weight reduction pretty consistently.  Exercising one hour every morning.  Eating better. Continuing to take care of myself emotionally / physically."  -- Ron Tester

They got SUCCESSFUL RESULTS from Applying the same Principles You will be Learning in these audios programs.

Your Success will depend on YOU. Put them on the bookshelf, or in the closet, and they'll collect dust. If You want to be a dust collector, do that.  But When You want to get REAL RESULTS - buy them NOW and USE them!

Here’s what I recommend:

Consult with Your Physician and make sure it’s safe for You to reduce Your weight

Establish a SAFE and reasonable time line for WHEN You want to reach Your goal. The most important word here is SAFE. You want to make sure You reduce Your weight in a healthy way and not in a fast, unhealthy way that could jeopardize Your health. Most Physicians consider one to two pounds a week to be safe, but see what Your Physician says for YOUR case in particular.

Establish your goal -- 20, 30, 50, or how ever many pounds it is You want to get rid of – THEN FORGET THAT NUMBER. Instead, focus on the number of OUNCES per day it would take to SAFELY reach Your goal of one to two pounds of weight reduction a week. Now why would we do that? Because the SubConscious mind will reject the idea of 20 pounds or more and say “THAT’S TOO HARD! I CAN’T DO THAT!” But when You present it to the SubConscious as just a few ounces a day, then it will say “OH, THAT’S EASY! I CAN DO THAT!”

The one "DO NOT" I’ll give You is DO NOT weigh every day or even every week. Why? Because You don’t want Your SubConscious to see a very small decrease, or even see the same number two or three days in a row, and get discouraged. You don’t want to get a certain number stuck in Your SubConscious.

If You weigh every day, do You really realistically expect to see a big difference? Remember, I said realistically. If You just have to weigh, do it no more than once a month! The best way to measure Your results will be in how Your clothes begin to get loose on You and You’ll begin to feel more energy, sleep better, and others will begin to notice.

And listen to Your Weight Reduction Audios every night - while You’re sleeping!

And before You know it, You’re going to start having people tell You, “You’re looking great! Have You LOST some weight?” OR they may even say “You’ve LOST a LOT of weight since I saw You last.”

Either way, I’m going to strongly suggest You put Your hand up like a “stop” sign and say “Thank You for noticing, but no, I haven’t LOST anything. But I did REDUCE my weight. Now let me tell You about the Weight Reduction Audio Program I used!.” Or at least I would like for You to add that last sentence.

Are you READY to get started? Haven’t You “WEIGHTED” long enough? Why WEIGHT any longer?


I guarantee You, this is a very important resource for people who want to reduce their weight. Please consult with Your Physician before undertaking any weight reduction program. I have created and assembled these audio programs to help You reduce the excess weight in a safe, natural, effective way.

Please note - some labels may reflect different pictures due to changes in product labels.

PLEASE READ -- Do not play audios designed to be used in a relaxed state while driving or doing anything that requires your complete attention.