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QUIT Smoking? 
Or STOP Smoking?
 You're not a "QUITTER" are You?  
Wouldn't it be better to
like when You STOP Your car?



Stop Smoking
- 3 CD Program 
Only $57.77

Here's what You receive:
* STOP SMOKING  -- Going to the Beach and Removing Obstacles
* STOP SMOKING  – The Enchanted Forest
* STOP SMOKING  -- Secret Message
in the Sand, the Beach
+ BONUS CD           -- Just Relax / Stress Reduction
You're committed to be healthy again and you won't allow anything to stand in your way of being a NonSmoker.


How many times have You QUIT smoking or using some form of tobacco? And started back again?  What methods did You use? Why didn’t they work? When You're ready to STOP, Hypnosis will help make it easier. Without gaining weight! Without being bad-tempered or irritable! And usually without those annoying cravings!


Using Self Hypnosis CDs is Natural, Safe, and Effective. Why does Hypnosis work so well? Because it helps YOU REDUCE stress and helps You CHANGE the habits associated with smoking. Isn't it finally time YOU DID - not tried - but did, something that WILL WORK long term for You, that will help You stop smoking and be HEALTHY again?




First let’s make sure You understand a little about how Hypnosis will help You.

Hypnosis works with the SubConscious mind and in order to get the results You want, we have to talk to the SubConscious mind in ways that it will understand correctly.

Do You remember when You were a little boy or girl, or maybe even as an adult, and You heard the little sing song “Quitters are losers and losers never win.”? Now what do You think Your SubConscious thinks about when You say You want to “QUIT” tobacco use? It says “QUIT? I don’t want to QUIT! I don’t want to be a loser!”

Or You may have heard Your parents, or Coach, or a teacher say “You’re not a QUITTER are You?”   In THAT tone of voice!

So that’s why it’s best not to think about QUITTING smoking.

So what should You do instead of quitting?

Now, think about when You’re driving and You see a red light or a stop sign. I know, if You’re like me, You might not really want to STOP, but You do – I’m assuming You’re a law abiding citizen here. And when You do STOP, You STOP with INTENTION and PURPOSE!

So now You see where I’m going with this. We need to make sure to give the SubConscious mind suggestions and directions that it will interpret to give You the results You really want.

So what should You do instead of Quitting?

Now, think about when You’re driving and You see a red light or a stop sign. I know, if You’re like me, You might not really want to STOP, but You do – I’m assuming You’re a law abiding citizen here. And when You do STOP, You STOP with INTENTION and PURPOSE!

So now You see where I’m going with this. We need to make sure to give the SubConscious mind suggestions and directions that it will interpret to give You the results You really want.


Here are some questions for You:
Do You want to STOP smoking or using tobacco?
Are You ready to STOP smoking or using tobacco?
Are You ready to take responsibility for Your life, Your future, and say NOW, let’s get it done?
Do You have the proper motivation to become a NonSmoker / NonUser? Do You understand that these Stop Smoking Hypnosis CDs can HELP You, but  not MAKE You STOP smoking or using tobacco?

If You answered YES, to these questions, then NOW is the time to get started

Don’t wait any longer!  Order NOW and get back that healthy Life You DESERVE!

Did You know that Matt Damon the actor, used Hypnosis to stop his two packs a day cigarette habit? He discussed it on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. He said he wished he had done it years before. And of course many other celebrities and people just like you have successfully used Hypnosis to stop smoking.

On Tuesday, January 22, 2008, on the Oprah show, Ben Affleck said he used Hypnosis to stop smoking. He stated he hasn't had a cigarette since November 5th, 2005.

And here's another question to think about.

What kind of example do You really want to set for Your children, grandchildren, and other children?

Do You really want them to see You smoking and think it's OK?

What about the second hand smoke You expose them to?

NOW is the time to decide.  Haven’t You waited long enough already?


"William Smith, a Dallas hypnotist, says he got four calls in a day "from people who want to stop smoking because of Peter Jennings' recent death." The consequences of cigarettes are hardly a revelation, he says. "But sometimes people just don't grasp it until they hear a name they recognize. We think we're invulnerable, but then we think, 'If it can happen to him, maybe I need to take another look at this. " -- Dallas Morning News, August 12th, 2005

I did a search for “Quit smoking drug side effects”.  According to the MAYO CLINIC:  “While only a few studies have been performed, results show C...... works better than a sugar pill (placebo) at helping smokers quit....In addition to medication, participants in the studies also received weekly counseling to help them quit. ….. The percentage of smokers who were smoke-free a year after quitting with C...... ranged from 14 percent to 23 percent in clinical trials…..What side effects have been reported with C......? Nausea, Headache, Vomiting, Gas, Insomnia, Vivid, abnormal dreams, Changes in the way food tastes ….The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued an advisory in 2008 that healthcare professionals, patients, patients' families and caregivers should be alert to and monitor for changes in mood and behavior in people taking C....... Symptoms may include anxiety, nervousness, tension, depressed mood, unusual behaviors and thinking about or attempting suicide. People taking C...... should report changes in mood and behavior to their doctor immediately. The FDA also advises that people taking C...... may experience impaired ability to drive or operate heavy machinery.)

And now, Parade Magazine Feb. 3, 2008, sites a recent study conducted in the Netherlands that found that smoking increases the risk of Alzheimer's disease by as much as 50% in people 55 or older who don't already have a predisposition to the disease.  The new study shows that, nicotine worsens the effects of a brain protein that causes Alzheimer's.

And if that's not enough, you've probably read or heard, about the Russian spy who was killed with POLONIUM.  Did you know that POLONIUM is an ingredient in cigarettes and other tobacco products?  And of course, it is a cancer causing element.  Do a web search for "polonium cigarette ingredients.

I have more time to work towards goals since I’m not smoking.  Relaxation comes a lot easier.”  Mike Gentry

“Positive thoughts.  It helped me stop smoking!  Saving money.  Feel better.  I DO NOT SMOKE!  Feel better about things.  More positive attitude.”  Bobbie LaPointe

Stopped smoking AND dipping.”  Josh Moody

Not smoking.  Working out more.  Lots of progress!”  Sarah Noel

Every time I see someone else smoking, my mind remind me that I’ve stopped.  I’ve been able to breathe better, sleep better and just feel healthier.”  Rick Randall

You made stop smoking so easy. No problem! I’ve already referred eight of my friends and will refer others soon. Thanks.” Skip Allen

"Thanks, I was worried about my health. My doctor told me I had to stop smoking, because of my family history of heart problems and cancer. I was afraid it would be hard because I had been smoking for over 20 years. Thanks. It was easy using hypnosis. You were great!"  Jennifer Johnson

"What did you do to me?  I'll have to admit I had some doubts. It's been almost six months, and I haven't smoked a single cigarette. My children are so proud of me!" Elaine Roberts

"Very effective. It was easy. It was fast. My little girl doesn't tell me I have bad breath anymore." Seth Bowerman

"I tried the patch, acupuncture, the gum - I tried everything and none of them worked more than a couple of weeks. Just wanted to tell you it's been eight months now and I'm still a nonsmoker. Thanks so very much." Antoine Hamilton

I wanted to quit smoking to present a more positive role model to the kids who see me perform. You helped me do it, quickly and easily. Thanks.” Ben C.

"I was afraid I would gain weight.  In fact I felt so good about stopping smoking that I started going back to the gym and lost 30 pounds!" Alex Dillard

"A lot more in control.  More stronger minded.  Have more patience.   I stopped smoking.  Don’t smell like smoke anymore.  Having better days with lower stress."  -- Dustin Jordan

 "I stopped smoking with first session!  Absolutely no desire to start back smoking.  Sleeping better.   Breathing better.  Better physical fitness."  Todd DeVilleneuve

"Stopped smoking with first session.  Better work outs.   Much more positive.  Feel great.  No urges to smoke at all.  Sleep better.  Feeling healthier."  -- Jeff Kelly

"Reminding myself how awesome it is not to feel like I need a cigarette.  No more smoking!  More self control.  Not smoking.  Working out more.  Husband not smoking or dipping."  Sarah and Josh Moody

"I no longer smoke at home or work.  More productive at work.  Better at the gym."  Chris Schmelze

“Killed the cigarette dragon!  I continue to choose not to smoke.  Haven’t had a single cigarette.  Sleeping better.  Feel good and proud of my self control.  Easier better breathing.  Tasting and smelling things I haven’t tasted or smelled in years. ” -- Tim Robinson

“I was surprised - I haven’t been fussy, cranky, anxious, or mean since I stopped smoking.” -- Angela Belcher

These are REAL Testimonials from REAL people!  People just like YOU!

They got SUCCESSFUL RESULTS from Applying the same Principles You will be Learning in these audios programs.

Your Success will depend on YOU. Put them on the bookshelf, or in the closet, and they'll collect dust. If You want to be a dust collector, do that.  But When You want to get REAL RESULTS - buy them NOW and USE them!










I guarantee You, this is a very important resource for people who want to Stop smoking - once and for all. Think of how proud You'll be to know that You're finally free of that filthy habit that has been damaging Your Health. I have created and assembled these audio programs to help You gain back control in Your life in a safe, natural, effective way.

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PLEASE READ -- Do not play audios designed to be used in a relaxed state while driving or doing anything that requires your complete attention.