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“If you do not conquer self, you will be conquered by self."  Napoleon Hill


3 CD Business / Sales Professionals Hypnosis Program + Bonus
Only $57.77

Here's what You receive:
* Business -- The Zoo - Goals
     And Attributes
* Business -- Safari - Maximize
     Your Strengths
* Business -- Left Doors / 
     Right Doors - Choices Building
+ FREE BONUS -- Just Relax /
     Stress Reduction


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What obstacles are standing in the way of Your success and personal fulfillment?

My goal is to help You turn Your dreams and ambitions into Your reality. I want to help You minimize the stress You’ve been having from banging Your head against the wall. And help turn the procrastination that’s been holding You back into productive actions that will get You there. Get You there sooner than with the old tired methods that haven’t been working for You.

My Personal Coaching style used in these audios is a powerful tool that will help You bring direction and clarity to Your business and life goals. You will discover how to turn Your Daydreams into Goals with the plans and actions required to make them become the future You deserve.

My Personal Coaching style is a unique Coaching system that blends the best of Personal Coaching based on real life experience, NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming), Ericksonian Hypnosis, and logic.

Using these Business Coaching audios will help You transform the doubts, worries, and questions You have into confidence, focus, and the knowledge that you CAN achieve your goals!

This system is based on YOU. Your needs. Your life. Your goals. Your ambitions. Over the years, I have LISTENED to many business people and have used that information to develop these audios programs to help You produce profound life changing results more efficiently and effectively than You have been on Your own.

These Business Success Audio Programs help You develop a new plan for Your life / business that will give You the focus and motivation to transform Your life from where You are, to where You want to be.

For years Personal Coaches have been used by politicians, actors, and professional athletes to help find solutions to minimize their weaknesses and
maximize their strengths, talents, skills and abilities, and to be able to excel and push beyond what they could have done alone.

Now, you can have some of the same tools Personal Coaches use to help their clients, but with these huge advantages:
· You can use these audio products at times that are convenient for you
· The cost is very minimal compared to hiring a Personal Coach
· You can use these audios over and over and over - Repetition is one of the keys to Success!
· You can use these audios to program your SubConscious into taking the action you want to take
· You can even use them to help you break bad habits - like Procrastination!

Why do Executives, Business Owners / Management, Entrepreneurs, Sales Professionals, and Professional Athletes use Business Success Audio Programs?

Because they want the confidence and focus it gives them, and the advantage it gives them in the business world!

How is Your career / life trending? Is it going in the right direction and You just need a little boost?   Or is it trending down and You need a big boost of confidence and motivation to get back on track?

Business Success Audio Programs give you many ADVANTAGES—Confidence, Focus, Self Motivation, Follow Through, and much more!

If You don’t have these advantages - YOU SHOULD!

Some of Your Competitors definitely are using Business Success Audio Programs to their advantage - building their success.  Are You really going to let Your competition have that advantage over YOU?

Your future is in Your hands, but You’ve got to take ACTION to get the results You want.

Business Success Audio Programs have helped many people in business succeed in reaching their goals and overcome many of the obstacles they run into on a regular basis throughout their career.
 Just IMAGINE how much better business would be if You were able to think more clearly.  Think of the ideas You could generate!

Think of how You could move beyond the limitations and obstacles that have been standing in Your way – for way too long!

Here are some of the ways these Business Success Audio Programs can help YOU or Your business TEAM:

Accelerate Your sales / business SKILLS
Sharpen Your ability to FOCUS / CONCENTRATE
Learn to Speak with Confidence in front of any size group
Enhance Your ability to “IMAGE” the PERFECT Presentation
Optimize efficient and effective time usage
Intensify Your sales CONSISTENCY
Meet challenges with confidence

EXTERNAL distractions
INTERNAL distractions
DISAPPOINTMENTS – turn them into learning experiences
UNPRODUCTIVE use of Your time – Procrastination

Put back DISCIPLINE into Your life
Restore CONFIDENCE for those in a temporary slump

You owe it to Yourself to  invest in your Success by buying these audio programs NOW and get started creating better tomorrows for You and Your family. Haven’t You waited long enough to make those changes You've been wanting to make?

Order NOW if You're finally ready to:

Develop a higher level of confidence, discipline, and self esteem, and control.

Get rid of those self limiting habits, thoughts, and behaviors that have been holding You back.

Follow through on what is truly important to You – Your dreams and desires for a better life

Stop sabotaging Your career, Your personal life, Your family life, and maybe even Your relationships.

These are REAL Testimonials from REAL people!  People just like YOU!

William C. Smith, owner of Action Resources, is a proven motivator, healer, and life teacher.  Will coached me through a "life transition" of being being successful and "stuck" in an unfulfilling career and lifestyle.  Now, I am focused on being a "world class champion" in a rewarding career and living an enjoyable life."  Vinson B. Primas

“Taking more chances – new employment.  Started taking dance lessons.  Better focus and less procrastination.  Stress level lower”  Diego Arroyave

Stress in work and life don’t get to me anymore as it use to.”  Reggie Bustos

I can do anything!  Nothing can hold me back!  More positive.  Less worry.  More aggressive about the things I want.  Less desire to talk about daily stressors.  I have been more positive.  I think less about negative thoughts and when I do think negative thoughts, I quickly recognize it and stop.  I’m influencing others in a positive way.  I am more approachable”  Debbie Durden

Stopped trying to control some things that are out of my control.  Stronger mind!  More positive thinking.  Lots of reading.   I am braver!  More positive in my statements about my self and change.  My “quick” walk is back.  More productive."  Sandra Escobar

“I keep smiling!  More tools available.  Everything seems to be falling into place.  Work in progress.  Focus on positives.  Happy.  Smiling more.  Awareness.  Still working on goals.  Began the self discovery, more inwards.  More aware.”  Chad Kelley

Focused on goals.  Making more contacts. More relaxed.  Focus on success.  Continuing to network and get introductions.”  John Lee

“Helped me realize there is only one me and one life and I’m the master of that life.  Staying even more positive.  Overall better feeling of self. Opened my mind to more positive thinking rather than concentrating on the negative.  Staying positive and less stressed about problems.  I have been leaving “Can’t” and “hard” out of my vocabulary.  My self esteem is improving.  I am living a better quality of life and my life has become more enjoyable.  I am constantly telling myself to focus on more positive things.  I feel as if I am more able to accomplish all of my goals in life and more!”  Alexandria McClemore

“Using positive self talk when I start feeling the negative thoughts.  Working towards goal, making calls – walking in the door.   Generally more positive and confident.  Made several calls this week - positive response.  Luncheon on Friday – asked for the business – got appointment!  I am making progress, feeling more confident.  Feeling less anxious personally.”  Denise Miller

“Relaxed and dealing with situations.  Back to feeling positive.  Setting realistic time goals.  Stress reduction.  More positive attitude.  Using relaxation CD to help deal with  problems.  Less negative thinking.  Feeling I can get a grasp on problem and make progress in resolving it.”  Brenda Norton

“Being more aware of negative thoughts helps me push them out of my head.  I see a positive future and outcome for myself and my attitude towards myself and others.  Less time spent dwelling on negative stuff.  I have a more positive outlook on personal / professional issues.  Being more positive inspires people around me to be more positive.  Thinking about how any negative can be used as a positive.  I am much less anxious and nervous and able to handle difficult issues more calmly and rationally.”  Allen Pearson

“I have reached out and set in motion a new beginning.  When I asked, doors have opened.  Feeling motivated and eager to proceed.  I have been writing down ideas and plans to turn them into fruition.   I now have so many things (opportunities) that I’m finding time management to be another necessary factor.  More confidence.  I’ve been more focused on good, happy thoughts and more aware of what makes me happy.   I have been seeing myself in my desired career even in my dreams.  I realize I am already molding my future.  A better knowing of who I am and what my capabilities are.  I’ve been more focused on what I DO want.”  Debra Pound

I’ve been able to speak to people without being shy, especially in group settings.  Rick Randall

I am changing my belief patterns to realize there is no guilt associated with money.  Calls are getting busier.  Progress!  Thinking positively.  Removing trash from my thoughts.  Making my journey – step by step.”  S R

I feel calmer and happier.  I wake up at night without anxiety. “  Jana Strunk HR Director

“Positive feeling.  Relaxed.  Stress free.  Not letting the worrying bother me.  Staying focused.  I feel confident.  Positive attitude.  People are jealous.  Focusing on my studying.  The studies have been very easy to comprehend.  Staying relaxed.  Focused on my new career.  No negative thoughts.  More Confident!  John Velis – Police Officer

“I feel so much better about myself.  My family has been my main focus.  No longer have desire to continue with bad habits.   I have been more positive at work, more tolerant.  Everything you have done has been far beyond my expectations.  Focused entirely on my family.   Been a MeMa and Mother again!  Have been so much happier.”  SW

“Guilt feelings about behavior are not part of what you do.  Less stress.  Sleeping better.  Our kids are proud of us!  Always positive.  You point me in plus direction.  Much less friction in my life.  Things I felt pressure on previously aren’t that important.  Absolutely great the way you put me at ease. “  JW

"My mind repeats the suggestions.  More direct action.  Focus on awareness of inaction.  Inspire language awareness in others.  Followed through more.  Hired admin assistant.  Focusing more on goals.  Taking action.  Feel freer.  I use more positive self talk .  I hear negativity in others and flaws in their language.  Advanced with reaching my goals.  More awareness, action, self talk.   Taking more action on goals.  More awareness of opportunities.  Daily follow through.  Focus like a laser – ideas are flowing in!  More follow through with projects.  I’m closer to my goal.  I do something everyday towards my goal.  I focus on the positives and what my objectives are.  I don’t spend as much time in negative self talk.  Calling more people.  Having more and more confidence.  Others see it!  More positive conversations.”  Larry Washington

All testimonials are given with permission from the clients who used the suggestions to help them achieve their goals.  These results are theirs.  Yours will depend on you -- your desire, motivation, and effort you put into achieving your goals.

They got SUCCESSFUL RESULTS from Applying the same Principles You will be Learning in these audios programs.

Your Success will depend on YOU. Put them on the bookshelf, or in the closet, and they'll collect dust. If You want to be a dust collector, do that.  But When You want to get REAL RESULTS - buy them NOW and USE them!

Are Business / Sales CDs tax deductible?

Since I don’t give tax advice, I will advise You to check with Your CPA / tax preparer to see if Your Business / Sales CDs Investment are tax deductible.

In most cases, costs relating to business should be deductible.