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There's no such thing as Competition! 

Except the person You see in the Mirror!




Growing Your Hypnosis Business with Easy Marketing!
Starting (or Restarting) Your Business ENGINE
ONLY $37.77 1 DVD

My experience from the Corporate World and having owned and operated several businesses, my Hypnosis practice has been successful.  Now let me share my easy and very inexpensive marketing secrets to help You achieve the success You want and deserve.  Discover how to implant the suggestion for referrals during Your first phone contact and then again at Your office.  Use the “40 letter” technique to generate business.  And these are just two of many techniques that will help You add to Your income and profit!  But the greatest reward is helping more clients.




"The Winning Spirit"
Joe Montana
and Tom Mitchell
 Only $17.77 1 DVD

I give this great DVD to my Sports Hypnosis and Business Coaching clients in my office.  The ideas in this DVD can be used to help You develop that "Winning Spirit" every Winner needs.  There are a lot of great points to learn in this DVD, but there was one question Tom asked Joe that I thought was so important that I decided I needed to use this as a training tool for my clients.  See if You can find it.  I'll give You a hint, the answer Joe gives probably isn't the answer You would expect.  But when You hear it, You'll agree it's the most important question.  Take that idea and make it Your own to help You succeed in any area of life.





Historical Hypnosis Poster
Only $37.77 
ON SALE!  $27.77 18" X 24"

Now You can own  this beautiful reproduction poster for Your office or home! 

The poster is very clear and crisp - even easier to read than the original. 

Proudly display this poster reproduced from an over 100 year old newspaper supplement to the San Francisco Chronicle.  Although there are some negative representations of Hypnosis in the article, there are some good points as well.  But then, even in the 21st Century, there are many people with misconceptions about Hypnotists.  Even some Hypnotists are still almost embarrassed to tell people they practice Hypnotism. 

I offered this poster for sale at the 2009 NGH Convention and was surprised to hear some Hypnotists say they couldn't possibly have this poster in their office.  They were afraid of what some of their clients might say or think!

I proudly display the original - yes, I have the ORIGINAL newspaper - in my office and have gotten great compliments on it from my clients.  In fact, I give it as gifts to many of my clients, especially to those who refer clients to me.  I've also found that many of my business and sports clients proudly accept the gift and have it beautifully framed in their office.

One of my clients is a physician.  She had it framed and placed in her office and her patients ask her about it.  It opens the door to an intelligent conversation about Hypnosis and helps to dispel any fears or misconceptions her patients may have - and also leads to easy referrals!