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Test / Exam Prep CDs.


I guarantee You, this is a very important resource for anyone who would like to remove "test Anxiety" and learn to study more efficiently and effectively.  I have created and assembled these audio programs to help You reduce stress while Maximizing Your study effectiveness in a safe, natural, effective way.

Study / Exam Prep Hypnosis
3 CD + Bonus Hypnosis Program for Study / Exam Prep
3 CD + Bonus Program

3 CD Study / Exam Hypnosis Program + Bonus 
Only $57.77

Here's what You receive:
Easy Memore Recall / Test Taking Tips
Successful Study Habits
* STUDY EXAM PREP -- Away with Stress / Anxiety / A Good Night's Sleep
+ BONUS FREE CD      -- 
Just Relax / Stress Reduction .


WHY should You use Hypnosis Study / Exam CDs?
* Improve Your Grade Average
* Lower Stress and Anxiety
* Pass a Performance Exam

* Make Studying Easier
* Sleep Better before a Major Test
* Boost Your Confidence / Self Esteem
* Pass College Entrance Exams
* Study More Effectively

* Study More Efficiently
* Beat out the Competition for


Are You one of those people who study hard and feel like you know the answers, but when it comes time to take an exam You feel like you can't even remember Your name?


What if Study / Exam Hypnosis  CDs helped you get better grades than other students or co-workers you may be competing against for a scholarship or promotion?


How would you feel if you didn't feel stressed or anxious before a big test?  Confident?  Happy?


Wouldn't it be great to learn how to study more effectively and efficiently while at the same time reduing any Stress you might have felt before about studying and test taking?


These are REAL Testimonials from REAL people!  People just like YOU!

“First, I would like to thank you for coming to Fort Worth Can! Academy -- Campus Drive during the spring of our 2001 - 2002 school year. Both students and staff were extremely pleased with the help you provided them during your Stress Management / Self-Relaxation seminar. Several students that have failed the TAAS test previously were able to pass the exam due in large part to techniques that you taught them to use. Here are the results:

First time TAAS Testers scores increased from 2000-01 to 2001-02:

A. Reading: + 23.8% increase

B. Math: + 36.2% increase

C. Writing: + 44.7% increase

-- Will, thanks to you our students no longer fear the TAAS test! Your professionalism and your pleasant spirit are both a credit to you and the services that you provide. We look forward to working with you in the near future, and thank you for helping us to continue “Giving Young Texans A Second Chance!” -- Keith R. Lott, Principal, Fort Worth Can! Academy

 “I’m more positive, able to achieve my goals" Jan F. student U.T. Southwestern Medical School Dallas

It boosted my confidence.  I’m more positive.  Math easier.  Alaina Blend

After what my brother told me about how you helped him, I decided to try it myself, I’m studying for a competency exam for my profession and I’m sure it’s going to help.” -- Milton Hunter, Computer Company Executive

“Your time and training made a difference in our students. Dallas Can! Academy - Live Oak received its best scores ever during the February TAAS, 2002. Math scores alone for the 10th graders jumped 26 percentage points! I attribute part of the success to relaxation strategies that Mr. Smith taught many of our students. Several students shared with me that they used his techniques to reduce their test anxiety and left feeling more confident about the tests... I wish to thank Mr. Smith for helping many students make a stressful situation end so positively.” -- Scott Harris -- Principal, Dallas Can! Academy



They got SUCCESSFUL RESULTS from Applying the same Principles You will be Learning in these audios programs.

Your Success will depend on YOU. Put them on the bookshelf, or in the closet, and they'll collect dust. If You want to be a dust collector, do that.  But When You want to get REAL RESULTS - buy them NOW and USE them!