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Anger Control Coaching CDs to help You Regain Control. 

 “Temper is the one thing you can't get rid of by losing it.”  A line from the film “Anger Management” spoken by Jack Nicholson

NOW, Not Later is the Time to Get Control Over That Anger Before You Lose Your Family or Career!




+ 2 FREE Bonuses! 
Only $97.77

Here's what You receive:
* Anger Control -- Line in Sand Hammock / Stars 
* Anger Control -- The Beach Obstacles
* Anger Control -- Secret Message in the Sand
* Anger Control -- In the Meadow
                                 Something Shiny on the Hill
* Anger Control -- Warmth of Candles
* Anger Control -- The Enchanted Forest
+ BONUS FREE CD - Just Relax 
Stress Reduction
+ BONUS FREE CD - Stress Reduction, the Beach



3 CD Anger Control "A" 
+ FREE Bonus! 
Only $57.77

Here's what You receive:
* Anger Control -- In the Meadow Something Shiny / the Hill
* Anger Control -- Warmth of Candles
* Anger Control -- The Enchanted Forest
+ BONUS FREE CD -- Stress Reduction the Beach



3 CD Anger Control "B" 
+ FREE Bonus! 
Only $57.77

Here's what You receive:
* Anger Control -- Line in Sand Hammock / Stars 
* Anger Control -- The Beach Obstacles
* Anger Control -- Secret Message in the Sand
+ BONUS FREE CD -- Just Relax Stress Reduction


Chronic anger can be costly:


  • You or another person can be physically hurt / injured
  • Increases Stress levels
  • Damage to property / possessions
  • Trouble sleeping at night



  • Court fees / fines

    Loss of job / income

  • Replacement / reimbursement for damages to others
  • Emotionally


    Feelings of guilt, shame, and loneliness

    Lack of Self Confidence / Self Esteem

  • Loss of Friends / Family


How long has ANGER Been a Problem for YOU?

How long will it be before ANGER causes You to:
*  Lose Your wife (or girlfriend), husband (or boyfriend), or Your
*  Lose Your job?
*  Get arrested?
*  Hurt someone, or get hurt Yourself?
*  Have a heart attack or stroke?
*  Continue to suffer from the STRESS of Anger
*  Or other bad consequences!

Is Your Family LIfe really Worth the Stress of Anger?
If You weren't worried about these, or other consequences, You wouldn't be here now.

If You put it off any longer, it may be too late!

You’ve got two choices:

You can either continue to let the Anger Control You
Or You can take back Control in Your Life.
The Choice is YOURS!





I guarantee You, this is a very important resource for people who want to regain control of their lives.   You can do this in the privacy, and convenience of Your home.  No office visits.  You listen to them at night while You're sleeping!  I do recommend You listen to each CD at least once in an aware state - NOT while driving or doing anything else that requires Your attention, but at a time when You can safely devote your attention to it.  This way, You're aware of the suggestions and will be even more aware when You notice the changes You're making.

Why use Anger Coaching CDs?

* You haven't been able to Control
     Your Anger by Yourself.
* You don't want to lose Your
* You don't want to lose your Job
     or Career.
* You don't want to go to Jail.
* You're Embarrassed by Your Anger.
* You've Hurt People You LOVE.
* You're Tired of Anger Controlling

Or, any other Reason that will make Your Life BETTER!

Maybe You should ask Yourself -- What will it COST if You Don't?

My Anger Management Coaching method is designed to help you achieve:

* Recognition of “Triggers” that cause the Anger

* Techniques to “Reframe” the Negative Reaction into a Positive
     or Neutral Response

* Build Confidence and Self Esteem

* Remove, or Minimize any Negative Anger Imprints that Influence


* Stress Management

As Your Personal Anger Coach, I am not a therapist. I do not treat or offer treatments with medical or psychological problems.  Anger Management Coaching is NOT psychotherapy, but IS a tool You learn to Redirect Your Awareness and to be in Control.

Anger Management Coaching is not for everyone. But it is for those Truly Committed Individuals who have a Strong Desire to make Positive Changes and are ready to become the Confident Masters of their Lives they Want and Deserve to be.

Is Anger Coaching tax deductible?

Since I don’t give tax advice, I will advise You to check with Your CPA / tax preparer to see if Your Anger Coaching Investment is tax deductible.

In most cases, costs relating to business should be deductible.