Enhancing Sports Performance - Mental Fitness for Athletes and Coaches

Over the years, I’ve worked with many Athletes – all ages and skill levels, and from many sports – both individual and team sports.

It amazes me how many Athletes and Coaches say they know the importance of the mental side of sports, but how few understand, or spend adequate time on developing it.

Being as serious about Mental Fitness as physical fitness is the biggest advantage an elite Athlete has over opponents.

Alpha Process Coaching for Enhancing Sports Performance is a program designed for Coaches, Athletes, and teams to develop mental Fitness.

Many Coaches and Athletes talk about developing Potential – my message to them is simple:  Potential is useless until turned into Performance.  And Elite Performance doesn’t come from just physical training, skills training, or time in the gym. 

Athletes have physical conditioning Coaches, team Coaches, and private Coaches to help with physical skills.  Now it’s time to get a Mental Fitness Coach involved in development as well – IF you’re really serious about seeing improvement.

The biggest mental challenges facing athletes, both as individuals and as teams are:
• Stress
• Doubt
• Fears
• Lack of Self Confidence
• Nervousness
• Lack of Focus
• Negative Self Talk

Many times I’ve heard Athletes and Coaches repeat the old refrain: “Practice makes perfect.”  Not true – just because an Athlete repeats physical movements or skills over and over doesn’t mean they’re not repeating and embedding negative patterns even more deeply into the brain and body.

Muscle Memory is when a body does something without thought – such as brushing your teeth or choking at a crucial point in a game. 
Mental Muscle Memory can be good or bad.  Isn’t it time to learn how to install new software into the brain that will establish positive Muscle Memory?  The kind that truly brings outstanding Performance!

Depending on the length of the program*, here are some of the Objectives to be covered:
• Raise awareness of the importance of Mental Fitness
• Reinforce positive Self Talk
• Effectively combine Physical training with Mental training
• Develop techniques to remove self doubt
• Cultivate positive stress reduction tools
• Blast negative belief barriers
• Convey the difference between activity and progress
• Remove conflicts in the SubConsious Mind
• Accelerate strength training with a very simple two word technique

*  Program lengths will vary depending on Your needs.
Options are:
• 2 hours
• 3 hours
• 4 hours
• 6 hours

Programs will be done in your facility, or location you provide, and longer programs can even be part of a one or two day “Alpha Process RECHARGE” – I don’t do “Retreats”!

Four and Six Hour programs have the option of being spread over two consecutive days.

This Alpha Process Coaching Program is recommended for:

·         Coaches and Trainers for:
    o    Professional Athletes and Teams
       o    College / High School Athletes and Teams
       o    Younger Select / Elite Athletes and Teams
       o    Olympic Athletes
       o    Athletes aspiring to perform on an elite level
·         Athletic Coaches Associations
·         Athletic Directors / Trainers
·         Physical Fitness Instructors / Trainers
·         All Team and Individual Sports – football, baseball, basketball, hockey, soccer, martial arts, swimming, diving, golf, tennis, track and field, and many more!