Alpha Process Coaching – Mental Fitness for Unleashing Your Winning Golf Mindset 

I don’t want to change your swing, but I do want to help you change your scores and enjoy Golf more!

The biggest obstacle for Golfers is self sabotage with negative self talk.

The biggest advantage a Golfer can have is positive self talk AND the ability to turn the talk off!

How long does it take to play a game of Golf?  Well, if you think about only the golf swing itself 2 – 3 seconds per swing.  The average Golf score is around 100 – so that’s 200 to 300 seconds – A little over 3 minutes to 5 minutes!

So when you think about it, you really just need to be totally focused around 3 – 5 minutes on your actual golf swings.  So what should you be doing the rest of the game?  The rest of the time should be focused on enjoying the game, the beauty of the golf course, and keeping your mind on neutral to positive thoughts – avoiding negative thoughts.  You can do that!

And if your Golf score is better than 100 – then that’s great!  Even less time is necessary to remain focused.

There are almost 30 million Golfers in the United States –and they all want to play better.

With all the new technology and emphasis on the mechanics of golf, why haven’t golf scores dramatically improved over the last 30 or so years?  There have been great strides in new space age materials used in irons for an easier swing, golf balls that fly further, and putters that are suppose to improve precision.

Here’s something to think about:
In 2011 Charl Schwartzel of South Africa won the Masters tournament at -14
In 2000 Vijah Singh of Fiji won at -10
In 1990 Nick Faldo of England won at -10
In 1980 Steve Ballesteros of Spain won at -13     
And in 1965 Jack Nicklaus won at -17

You would think that with all the technology advances there have been over the last few years you’d be seeing scores drop dramatically.  And yet, professional golfers haven’t seen a great improvement in golf scores, nor has the average golfer. 

Did you know that according to Golf20/20, golfers and golf enthusiasts spent $76 billion dollars on the game in 2008.  Golfers seem to love to spend their money and time on new and improved golf equipment and new and improved golf swings, but neglect working on the Mental Fitness side of their golf game! 

Why?  Because most Golfers don’t know where to look to find someone who understands and can explain how to get the Conscious and the SubConsious Minds to work together, instead of in conflict!
The technical side of Golf is very important, but without the Mental Fitness side, the likely hood of long term improvement just isn’t likely to happen!

Now, if you’re serious about wanting to play better, here’s your opportunity to break free of those Mind Hazards that have been holding you back and to develop real Mental Fitness for your Golf Game.

Depending on the length of the program*, here are some of the Objectives to be covered:
 • Two states of Focus
     o short – shots
     o long – between shots
• What signing your name teaches you about routines / habits
• A stress reduction technique you can easily use on the Golf course and away from the Golf course as well
• You wouldn’t let an ant get away with biting your ankles.  Would you?  Then why would you let ANTS be an obstacle to playing Great GOLF?
• How to properly replay bad shots / good shots
• How to get over first shot jitters
• The concept of ONE (shot/hole/round)
• The importance of RITUAL – before / during  / after
• How really listening to, and changing your self talk can improve your score – proper assessments of shots / rounds
• A simple technique for letting go of distractions, jitters, yips, etc.
• Five self suggestions that will help easily improve your Golf game and when and how to use them effectively
• What a Focus Word is and how successful Golfers use them
• The importance of YOUR swing
• Creating your Swing ZONE
• How to Target your shots properly
• Whose game should you play?  And who your real competitor is.
• The CAPS Success Formula for Golf and Life
• Do you ask yourself the right questions?  Or do you hold yourself back with your questions?
• Replacing Sabotage words with Golf Success words
• Bonus – a Guided Golf Mental Session

*  Program lengths will vary depending on Your needs.
Options are:
• 2 hours
• 3 hours
• 4 hours
• 6 hours

Programs will be done in your facility, or location you provide, and longer programs can even be part of a one or two day “Alpha Process RECHARGE” – I don’t do “Retreats”!

Four and Six Hour programs have the option of being spread over two consecutive days.

This Alpha Process Coaching Program is recommended for:

·         Golf Coaches / Pros / Instructors / Caddies for:
    o    Professional Golfers
       o    College / High School Golfers
       o    Younger Golfers
·         Professional Golfers
·         College / High School Golfers
·         Older golfers who want to play better and longer
·         Business men and women who use Golf as a means to promote business
·         Golfers who play just for fun and want to have more fun!
·         As a FUNdraiser for nonprofits