Does Anger Put Your Business or School in Danger?

Does Anger have a rewind button?  No – for the one who expressed Anger – once it’s expressed, whether with words, a physical reaction, or even a hand gesture in traffic – once it’s done, you can’t take it back.

Yes – for the one on the receiving end of the Anger.  They can, and usually do, replay it over and over – allowing the hurt and resentment to grow deeper and deeper.

Anger is usually related to low self esteem, fear of looking weak, or uncontrolled stress.  And in school, relationships, and work environments can lead to bullying, abuse, and physical harm.

Anger is a widespread problem that affects virtually every oganization and group of any size!

In Schools, it can disrupt / minimize learning and can have harmful effects on students and teachers.

In Relationships, it can destroy families.

In Business it can lead to lawsuits by affected employees, customers, vendors.  It can lower production, create additional costs, and even destroy the reputation of companies.

Depending on the length of the program*, here are some of the Objectives to be covered.
• Cultivate a new way of self talk to change Anger from a part of a person’s behavior to something that can be controlled and minimized
• Boost a Self Esteem and Confidence so Anger is less of a defensive reaction
• Utilize several NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) techniques to deal more effectively with Anger
• Initiate Positive (or Neutral) Reponses rather than Negative Reactions
• Become aware of uncontrolled stress and be able to minimize the stress to avoid Angry reactions
• Have an effect on others by helping them deal with Anger more effectively
• Recover more quickly and gain control when Anger begins to cloud your thinking
• Enhance positive behavior in yourself and others
• Express Anger in more productive ways – when it’s appropriate – and YES, sometimes Anger is appropriate, but not often
• Identify triggers that lead to Anger and deal with them BEFORE they have negative effects
• Employ relaxation responses to “cool down” rather than “boil over”

*  Program lengths will vary depending on Your needs.
Options are:
• 20 – 30 minute minimal overview
• 1 hour
• 2 hours
• 3 hours
• 4 hours
• 6 hours

Programs will be done in your facility, or location you provide, and longer programs can even be part of a one or two day “Alpha Process RECHARGE” – I don’t do “Retreats”!

Four and Six Hour programs have the option of being spread over two consecutive days.

This Alpha Process Coaching Program is recommended for:

• Educators and Students
• Health Care Professionals
• Sales Professionals
• Attorneys / Legal Professionals
• Business Executives and Management
• Military Personnel and Government Agency Employees
• Police / Fire Fighters
• Religious and Civic Groups and Non-Profits (may be used as a fundraiser!)
• And anyone else wanting to deal with Stress more effectively