The Key to Time Management?  Procrastination

Spending time is like spending money, except that once time is spent, you can’t get more of it.  Like money, there should be a ROI – Return on Investment.  Are you (or your company) getting a good ROI on time you spend? 

Have you ever felt like there just weren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done you want and need to do?

And have you ever caught yourself doing “busy work” – another name for PROCRASTINATION – when there was something that really needed to be done?

Here’s the bad news – you have the same 60 minutes in an hour everyone else has.

And the good news is you have the same 60 minutes in an hour everyone else has.

It’s not the amount of time we have, but how we utilize that time. 

I’m really surprised “I wish I had more time” hasn’t become a diagnosed disease so you could take a pill for it.

It’s not a disease, it’s really about making better choices in what to do with our time. 
Sales people have a choice whether to make another sales call, or check their Facebook account or watch Youtube videos.

At home, you have a choice whether to watch that Hypnosis machine called television, or do the laundry, or start a home based business, or take a walk.

Surprisingly, one of the key tools we can use to be more productive with our time is Procrastination – procrastinate the Youtube, Facebook, television until AFTER you do what you know needs to be done.

This Alpha Process Coaching™ program, when properly utilized, will help improve job / career performance, as well as give you more quality time doing the things you want to do.  It is effective for businesses / groups, as well as individuals.

Depending on the length of the program*, here are some of the Objectives to be covered.
• Develop resources to boost productivity
• Upgrade their priority setting skills
• Raise their awareness of time wasting activities
• Recognize time choices have consequences or results
• Employ “rewards” to get the less pleasant tasks done
• Expand their knowledge of stress reduction techniques
• Promote a healthier mindset to reduce worry and frustration
• Reignite their enthusiasm and pride of accomplishments
• Influence others around them to be more productive
• Communicate more effectively with themselves to promote action rather than excuses
• Reinforce productive time habits while minimizing time wasting habits

*  Program lengths will vary depending on Your needs.
Options are:
• 20 – 30 minute minimal overview
• 1 hour
• 2 hours
• 3 hours
• 4 hours
• 6 hours

Programs will be done in your facility, or location you provide, and longer programs can even be part of a one or two day “Alpha Process RECHARGE” – I don’t do “Retreats”!

Four and Six Hour programs have the option of being spread over two consecutive days.

This Alpha Process Coaching Program is recommended for:

• Educators and Students
• Health Care Professionals
• Sales Professionals
• Attorneys / Legal Professionals
• Business Executives and Management
• Military Personnel and Government Agency Employees
• Police / Fire Fighters
• Religious and Civic Groups and Non-Profits (may be used as a fundraiser!)
• And anyone else wanting to deal with Stress more effectively