Group Alpha Process Coaching / Training Programs for:

  • Educators and Students
  • Athletes, Coaches, Sports Teams
  • Health Care Professionals

  • Attorneys / Legal Professionals

  • Sales and Business Professionals


  • Business Executives and Management
  • Military Personnel and Government Agency Employees
  • Police / Fire Fighters
  • Religious and Civic Groups and Non-Profits (may be used as a fundraiser!)
  • High Schools and Collges / Fraternities and Sororities
  • And anyone else wanting to deal with Stress more effectively

Because modern society has a constant barrage of stressors, stress is one of the biggest negative influencers on the body’s immune system. 
Stress usually occurs when a person has difficulty dealing with the demands of everyday life around us.  To read more, please click the LINK to the Left.

You would think that with all the technology advances there have been over the last few years you’d be seeing scores drop dramatically. And yet, professional golfers haven’t seen a great improvement in golf scores, nor has the average golfer. 

Golfers seem to love to spend their money and time on new and improved golf equipment and new and improved golf swings, but neglect working on the Mental Fitness side of their golf game!  To read more, please click the LINK to the Left.

Over the years, I’ve worked with many Athletes – all ages and skill levels, and from many sports – both individual and team sports.

Being as serious about Mental Fitness as physical fitness is the biggest advantage an elite Athlete has over opponents.  To read more, please click the LINK to the Left.

Spending time is like spending money, except that once time is spent, you can’t get more of it.  Like money, there should be a ROI – Return on Investment.  Are you (or your company) getting a good ROI on time you spend?  

Have you ever caught yourself doing “busy work” – another name for PROCRASTINATION – when there was something that really needed to be done?  To read more, please click the LINK to the Left.


Does Anger have a rewind button?  No – for the one who expressed Anger – once it’s expressed, whether with words, a physical reaction, or even a hand gesture in traffic – once it’s done, you can’t take it back.    

Yes – for the one on the receiving end of the Anger.  They can, and usually do, replay it over and over – allowing the hurt and resentment to grow deeper and deeper.  To read more, please click the LINK to the Left.


Students of all ages wrestle are faced with performance pressure to make better grades.

This applies to all students whether they’re in the first or fifth grade, a junior in high school, a senior in college, working on an advanced degree, or professional exams.  To read more, please click the LINK to the Left.

* Program lengths will vary depending on Your needs.
Options are:
• 2 hours
• 3 hours
• 4 hours
• 6 hours

If you need a Speaker, instead of a full Coaching program, CLICK HERE for shorter programs.

Programs will be done in your facility, or location you provide. 

Longer programs can even be part of a one or two day “Alpha Process RECHARGE” – I don’t do “Retreats”!

Four and Six Hour programs have the option of being spread over two consecutive days.

Business Training Coaching Sessions
And You may want to plan for Coach William C. Smith to speak at Your Convention or Trade Show in Las Vegas!
You may plan your next Business Workshop at a beach resort!  And have Coach William C. Smith join You there!

Alpha Process Coaching™ for groups:

If your company, trade association, sports team, civic group, or any other group wants to set up Group Alpha Process Coaching™ Programs, or Wellness / Benefit Programs, please contact me to discuss the details.

Group programs can be done at your facility, a nearby hotel or even a resort arranged and provided for by your company. Imagine combining business and pleasure! Maybe Hawaii, Las Vegas, Cabo.

It’s always my intention to offer you quality useful information, packaged in a way we can all have fun and enjoy the time we spend together whether it’s a workshop, class, or you have me give a short talk to your group. I believe in giving you real value for your time and money.

Workshops and Classes can be as short as one hour and as long as six hours, depending on the topic, your time limitations, and your needs. We can even put together a series of Workshops or Classes, if that suits your needs better. Speaking engagements can be as short as 30 minutes and as long as an hour.
As an added bonus, when your company or group lists my company services in your Resources Directory for your employees or members, I will make available discounts for those individuals and their families for individual sessions in my office.

Of course You could have Coach William C. Smith do a Stress Reduction Workshop for Your Group